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13th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting

The Mediterranean Morphology Meeting is a biennial conference series that brings together linguists from diverse theoretical backgrounds and at various stages of their career to discuss morphology in an inspiring, informal, and interactive setting.

The 13th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM13) will take place on May 19-22, 2022, organized by the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, on the island of Rhodes (Greece). The conference will be live with in-person participation. There is a thematic session and an open session

The topic of the thematic day will be:


“Comparing morphologies: Typological generalizations at work”


Although morphology figures regularly in typological studies, it also also true that it “receives relatively little attention from typologists”, since it is “the most language-specific and hence least generalizable” domain (Baerman and Corbett 2007: 115). Still, generalizing over language-specific observations is crucial for understanding how languages work, how (much) they vary and what they have in common.

For the MMM13 thematic session, we invite papers on any aspect of the grammar of words that aim at identifying new typological generalizations or testing existing ones. We therefore encourage broader cross-linguistic studies as well as typologically-informed work based on one or more individual languages. Submissions shedding light on lesser known areas of morphology are especially welcome. The call is open to papers from any methodological or theoretical angle.

For the open session, papers on any morphological topic are welcome.


Invited speakers

Laura Michaelis (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Peter Arkadiev (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)


Program outline

19 May 2022: Workshop on “Semitic morphology” (separate call for papers)
20 May 2022: Thematic session on “Comparing morphologies: Typological generalizations at work”
21 May 2022: Open session
22 May 2022: Excursion


Abstract submission

We invite abstracts of max. 500 words (excluding bibliography) for oral presentations or posters. Presenters can submit up to two abstracts, one as single/main author and one as co-author.

Abstract submission:

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission: 10 January 2022

Notification of decision: 28 February 2022

Program available: 15 March 2022


The organizers

Jenny Audring

Nikos Koutsoukos

Katerina T. Franzi (Chair of the local organizing committee)

Francesca Masini


Local organizing committee

Marianthi Georgallidou
Hasan Kaili
Eleni Karantzola
George Kotzoglou
Giorgos Markopoulos
Kalomoira Nikolou


Contact email


MMM13 website

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