[PastMeetings] MMM2 – Lija

MMM 2 – Lija

Date: September 10-12, 1999
Location: University Residence, Lija, Malta


  1. The role of lexical categories versus non-lexical categories in morphology
  2. The interface of morphology and phonology



General Issues – Geert Booij, Chair

  • Ferenc Kiefer (guest speaker), Academy of Sciences, Budapest:
    On the interaction of syntactic and lexical categories: the case of Aktionsart-formation (a cross-linguistic study)
  • Stephen Anderson (guest speaker), Yale University:
    Theoretical issues in Algonquian morphology
  • Anke Luedeling, University of Stuttgart:
    Particle verbs, listedness and word formation

Arabic Morphology – Ray Fabri, Chair

  • Mark Aronoff & Robert Hoberman, Suny at Stonybrook:
    The fixedness of nominal and verbal morphology in Maltese
  • Albert Borg & Manwel Mifsud, University of Malta:
    ‘Il-forom’ (Binyanim) in Maltese: inflection or derivation?
  • Ray Fabri, University of Malta:
    Radicals, stems and the lexicon

The Phonology-Morphology Interface – Geert Booij, Chair

  • Paul Kiparsky (guest speaker), Stanford University:
    OT-based LPM, the phonology-morphology interface
  • Albert Ortmann & Alexandra Popescu, Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf:
    Haplology involving morphologically bound and free elements: evidence from Rumanian
  • Arto Anttila, Boston University & Anthi Revithiadou, University of Massachusetts, Amherst:
    Variation as indeterminacy between ‘ideal’ outputs: Finnish and Greek allomorphy
  • Aditi Lahiri, University of Konstanz:
    Curbs on allomorphy

Major and Non-Major Lexical Categories in Word Formation – Sergio Scalise, Chair

  • Marianne Mithun (guest speaker), University of California, Santa Barbara:
    Lexical categories and the delimitation of morphological processes
  • Francoise Kerleroux, University of Paris X, Nanterre:
    To what extent are minor categories involved in word formation?
  • Dieter Wunderlich, Heinrich Heine Uiversity, Duesseldorf
    Gaps and substitutions in morphological paradigms
  • Teresa CabrĂ© & Janet DeCesaris, Pompeu Fabra University:
    Prepositions and adverbs in word-formation processes
  • Melita Stavrou, University of Thessaloniki, & Geoffrey Horrocks, University of Cambridge:
    Lexeme-based ‘separationist’ morphology: evidence from Greek deverbal abstracts

Inflectional Structure – Angeliki Ralli, Chair

  • Greville Corbett (guest speaker), University of Surrey:
    Defectiveness, syncretism, suppletion, ‘deponency’: four dimensions for a typology of inflectional systems
  • Benjamin Bruening, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts:
    Paradigms and opacity
  • Bernard Fradin, University of Paris:
    Encoding and transmitting idiosyncratic features
  • Vito Pirelli & Marco Battista, University of Pisa:
    Syntagmatic and paradigmatic constraints on morphological output
  • Andrew Spencer & Louise Sadler, University of Essex:
    Syntax as an exponent of morphological features

Alternative Papers:

  • Curt Rice, University of Tromso:
    Optimizing Gender


Unfortunately, no proceedings were produced for MMM2.

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