[Proceedings] MMM7 – Cyprus

online proceedings of the seventh mediterranean morphology meeting mmm7 (Cyprus) 10-13 September 2009


ISSN: 1826-7491 [204 pages.]
Edited by Angela Ralli, Geert Booij, Sergio Scalise and Athanasios Karasimos
Date of Publication: 2010
University of Patras

The volume can be downloaded free of charge either as a single PDF file, or separately as individual PDF files. To view and print these files you will need a pdf-viewer, such as Acrobat Reader. If you do not have a copy of Acrobat Reader, you may download it free from Adobe.

Full Volume: MMM7 Proceedings – 2.2 Mb – PDF

Individual Files:

  • Cover Page
    [Cover MMM7]
  • Table of Contents
    [Contents – MMM7]
  • Foreword
    [Foreword – MMM7]
  • Hans-Olav Henger, Sound Laws, Inflectional Change and the Autonomy of Morphology
    [Article pdf]
  • Konstantinos Kakarikos, Feature Hierarchy and Nominal Inflection: Evidence From Ancient Greek
    [Article pdf]
  • Hideki Kishimoto, Locative Alternation and Verb Compounding in Japanese
    [Article pdf]
  • Dimitra Melissaropoulou  and Io Manolessou, Theoretical and Diachronic Aspects of Augmentation: Evidence from Greek
    [Article pdf]
  • Akiko Nagano and Masaharu Shiamada, English [V-A]V Forms and the Interaction Between Morphology and Syntax
    [Article pdf]
  • Susanna Padrosa-Trias, Are There Coordinate Compounds?
    [Article pdf]
  • Akira Watanabe,  A Morphological Solution to Agreement Puzzles in Slavic
    [Article pdf]
  • Helen Voskovskaia, Morphological Productivity and Family Size: Evidence From French Compound Nouns Garde-x and N-de-N
    [Article pdf]

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