[PastMeetings] MMM3 – Barcelona

MMM3 – Barcelona

Date: September 20-23, 2001
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The conference was organized jointly by the MMM-committee and the hosting institution, the Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada – Pompeu Fabra University. The local coordinator for the meeting was Janet DeCesaris.

The third MMM included a tribute to Danielle Corbin


  1. The borderline between syntax and morphology
  2. Prosodic constraints in morphology


  • Soledad Varela (invited speaker), Autonomous University of Madrid:
    Lexical morphology revisited: structure/meaning correspondences in the word
  • J. Trommer, University of Osnabrück:
    The Role of Syntax and Morphology in Affix Order
  • G. Dal, University of Lille 3, & F. Namer, University of Nancy 2:
    Complex words vs. phrases: the case of causative verbs in French
  • Geert Booij (invited speaker), Free University of Amsterdam:
    Periphrastic Word Formation
  • Marc Plénat & M. Roché, University of Toulouse le Mirail:
    Prosodic Constraints on Suffixation in French
  • Anke Lüdeling & Tanja Schmid, IMS – University of Stuttgart:
    Does Origin Determine Combinatory Properties of Affixes and Stems in German?
  • J. D. Bobaljik, McGill University:
    What’s in a paradigm?
  • Stuart Davis, Indiana University:
    The Status of the Consonantal Root in Arabic
  • Mark Aronoff, SUNY-Stony Brook, & N. Fuhrhop, ZAS-Berlin:
    Restricting suffix combinations in German and English
  • Rochelle Lieber, University of New Hampshire:
    Compound interpretation is not a matter of syntax
  • S. Barbiers & M. van Oostendorp, Meertens Institute:
    Deriving speaker-oriented evaluative adverbs in Dutch: -erwijs, -weg, -genoeg
  • Round table: Research on morphology in Spain (moderator: Janet DeCesaris, IULA – UPF)
  • Miren Azcarate (University of the Basque Country),
  • Lluïsa Gràcia (University of Girona),
  • Maria Rosa Lloret (University of Barcelona)
  • Daniel Harbour, MIT:
  • The Kiowa Case for Feature Insertion
  • Anne-Marie DiSciullo (invited speaker), UQAM:Spatial Relations in Morphological Objects
  • Andrew Spencer & Ana Luis, University of Essex: A Paradigm Function account of ‘mesoclisis’ in European Portuguese
  • Laura Kornfeld, CONICET – University of Buenos Aires: N+N Compounds as formally lexicalized appositions in Spanish
  • Greville Corbett, University of Surrey: Agreement: Canonical instances and the contribution of inflectional morphology
  • Elena Felíu & Antonio Fábregas, Autonomous University of Madrid: Phrasal scope and argument constraints of Spanish inter- prefixation
  • S. Lappe, University of Siegen: English prosodic morphology: short names and y-diminutives
  • J. Mateu, Autonomous University of Barcelona: Complex Denominal Verbs and Parametric Variation: A Lexical-Syntactic Approach
  • Peter Ackema, University of Utrecht & A. Neeleman, University College London: Context-sensitive spell-out and adjacency
  • Stephen Anderson (invited speaker), Yale University: Conference Summary
  • Alternative papers:
    • A. Spencer: Does English have productive compounding?
    • G. Drachman: Concord in Morphology
    • A. Marantz & L. Pylkkänen: Morphological Decomposition in Derivation: MEG Evidence and Some Theoretical Context
  • Poster session:
    • L. Kornfeld & A. Saab: Morphology and syntax: the case of prepositional preffixes in Spanish
    • I. Roca & E. Felíu: Morphology and Prosody in Spanish Word Truncation
    • P. Acquaviva: Agreement in autonomous morphology: Evidence form Irish Prepositions
    • C. Kelling: The role of Agentivity for suffix selection
    • B. Fradin & F. Kerleroux: How abstract are lexemes?
    • E. Benmanoun: Reciprocals as Plurals in Arabic: Implications for the debate between Word vs. Root Based Analyses of Semitic Morphology
    • S. Tatevosov: Verbal Reduplication in Bagwalal and Fixed Segmentism


The proceedings of MMM3 were published in 2003 by the Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada – Pompeu Fabra University:

Topics in Morphology: Selected Papers from the Third Mediterranean Morphology Meeting, Barcelona september 20-22, 2001. Edited by Geert Booij, Janet DeCesaris, Angela Ralli and Sergio Scalise. Barcelona: IULA.
ISBN: 84-477-0857-8

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