[Proceedings] MMM9 – Dubrovnik

online proceedings of the ninth mediterranean morphology meeting mmm9 (Dubrovnik) 15-18 September 2013


Edited by Jenny Audring, Nikos Koutsoukos, Francesca Masini, Ida Raffaelli
Date of Publication: 2015
ISSN: 1826-7491
University of Leiden | University of Patras | University of Bologna | University of Zagreb

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Table of contents

  • Cover & Frontpage
  • Table of contents, Foreword & Abstracts
  • Alexandra Bagasheva, Paradigmatic word-formation, metonymy and compound verbs in English and Bulgarian
  • Tomislava Bošnjak Botica and Ivana Oraić Rabušić, Morphosemantic features of the third verb type (jeti verbs) in Croatian
  • Marcello Ferro, Claudia Marzi and Vito Pirrelli, Lexical parsability and morphological structure
  • Christina Gagné and Thomas Spalding, Typing time as an index of morphological and semantic effects during English compound processing
  • Aurore Koehl, Deadjectival nominalizations: suffix rivalry and synonymy
  • Marin Lasserre and Fabio Montermini, Neoclassical compounds as relational adjectives
  • João Paulo Lazzarini Cyrino, Paula Roberta Gabbai Armelin and Rafael Dias Minussi, On the encyclopedic knowledge of gender
  • Francesca Masini, Idiomatic verb-clitic constructions: from lexicalization to productivity
  • Akiko Nagano and Masaharu Shimada, Relational Adjectives in English and Japanese and the RA vs. PP debate
  • Alexandra Soares Rodrigues, Semantic rivalry between affixes: the case of Portuguese nominalisers
  • Pavel Štichauer, The meaning of Italian VN compounds in a diachronic perspective: the development of a word-formation rule and its semantic instruction

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