[Proceedings] MMM10 – Haifa

online proceedings of the Tenth mediterranean morphology meeting mmm10 (Haifa) 7-10 September 2015


Edited by Jenny Audring, Francesca Masini, Wendy Sandler
Date of Publication: 2016
ISSN: 1826-7491
University of Leiden | University of Bologna | University of Haifa

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Table of contents

  • Cover & Frontpage
  • Table of contents, Foreword & Abstracts
  • Faruk Akkuş: Suspended affixation with derivational suffixes and lexical integrity
  • Elitzur A. Bar-Asher Siegal: The Semitic templates from the perspective of reciprocal predicates
  • Gal Belsitzman, Wendy Sandler: Motivated phonological templates in Sign Language
  • Edit Doron, Geoffrey Khan: The morphosyntax of definiteness agreement in Neo-Aramaic and Central Semitic
  • Kazuhiko Fukushima: Telicity makes or breaks verb serialization
  • Hélène Giraudo, Serena Dal Maso, Sabrina Piccinin: The role of stem frequency in morphological processing
  • Claudio Iacobini, Luisa Corona: “Romanes eunt domus”: where you can go with Latin morphology. Variation in motion expression between system and usage
  • Aysun Kunduracı, Aslı Göksel: Morphology: the base processor
  • Ryan Lepic: Lexical blends and lexical patterns in English and in American Sign Language
  • Irit Meir: Grammaticalization is not the full story: a non-grammaticalization account of the emergence of sign language agreement morphemes
  • Fabio Montermini, Matteo Pascoli: A paradigmatic analysis of the Italian verbal derivation
  • Ignacio L. Montoya: A comparison of roots as units of analysis in Modern Hebrew and Spanish: exploring a remnant approach to defining roots
  • Gergana Popova: Inflected and periphrastic features: issues of comparison and modelling
  • Marcel Schlechtweg, Holden Härtl: The lexicalization of complex constructions: an analysis of adjective-noun combinations
  • Giuseppina Todaro, Fabio Montermini: Spatial reduplication in Sicilian: lexicon or grammar?

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