This page contains links to events directly related to CxM, as well as to conferences that will have CxM presentations.

Upcoming Events

  • Workshop on “Paradigmatic relations in the constructicon”, part of ICCG11, University of Antwerp, 18-20 August 2021 [website]

PAST Events

  • 11th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM11), organized by Jenny Audring, Nikos Koutsoukos, Francesca Masini. & Marianna Katsoyannou. Nicosia (Cyprus), 22-25 June 2017 [website]
  • 10th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM10), organized by Jenny Audring, Nikos Koutsoukos, Francesca Masini & Wendy Sandler. Haifa, 7-10 September 2015 [website]
  • 8th International Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG-8), organized by Thomas Hoffmann, Alexander Bergs, Claudia Lehmann & Meike Pentrel. University of Osnabrück, 3-6 September 2014 [website]
  • 16th International Morphology Meeting (IMM16), organized by Ferenc Kiefer, Huba Bartos, Mária Ladányi & Péter Rebrus. Budapest, 29 May – 1 June 2014 [website]
  • 9th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM9), organized by Geert Booij, Angela Ralli, Sergio Scalise & Ida Raffaelli. Dubrovnik, 15-18 September 2013 [website]
  • Morphology and its interfaces, organized by Dany Amiot, Natalia Grabar, Cédric Patin, Fayssal Tayalati & Delphine Tribout. Lille, 12-13 September 2013 [website]
  • Bologna Seminar on Construction Morphology (BSCM), organized by Geert Booij & Francesca Masini. Bologna, 20-21 May 2013 [website]